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The Beechworth & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BDCCI) is a community resource that supports businesses in all sectors.


We are a not-for-profit organisation run by local business owners, for local business owners. We represent and provide an authentic voice for Beechworth’s enterprise and industry, in a way that inspires and energises our local business owners and staff, all of whom are vital to the success of our region.


Beechworth is a beautiful historic town in north-east Victoria, and home to 3,500 people. This popular tourist destination attracts up to 600,000 visitors each year, which equates to an impressive 50% of overnight visitors to the wider high country region. Other regions around Australia look to Beechworth as an example of sustainable tourism development, due to our innovation, diversity, growing population and employment opportunities. Members of our Chamber are major contributors to this success.

Our members come together to:

  • Represent, support, promote and advocate for the Beechworth and District business community

  • Promote change and innovation in order to progress our town and our industries

  • Take a strategic approach to ensure the town remains a preferred tourist destination, which in turn leads to a healthy and vibrant community

  • Facilitate and encourage high quality professional development

  • Recognise and celebrate the successes of local businesses


Our meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 6pm


at the Beechworth Town Hall (103 Ford Street)


Members and new members welcome

* Required

Our Vision:

Beechworth & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc. is recognised as a vital, credible organisation representing, promoting and supporting Beechworth business and enterprise into the future.

Our Mission:

To represent the interests of the Beechworth business community by collaborative processes and providing focused direction and advocacy.

Our Value Statement:

Our members:

We embrace inclusion and partnership, treating all members with fairness, respect and dignity

We value thoughtful and considered collaborative approaches to all activities



Preparedness to speak as a united voice for all business



We work to ensure the best outcomes for all involved

We foster growth, innovation and accountability in everything we do

Documents for Download:

Beechworth & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc. :: Strategic Plan

[PDF File 366KB]


Download PDF File Beechworth & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc. :: Constitution

[PDF File 135KB]


Download PDF File Beechworth & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc. :: Membership Application Form

[PDF File 217KB]

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